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Anti-fingerprint principle of stainless steel

Aug. 12, 2019

Stainless steel anti - fingerprint principle shared by Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings manufacturer.

First of all, anti fingerprint effect is not a fingerprint printed on the surface of stainless steel, but refers to the fingerprint printed on the traces of the surface of ordinary stainless steel is shallow, and relatively easy to wipe clean, after wiping will not remain stains.

Anti-fingerprint is realized by coating the surface with hydrophobic material film layer, making it as difficult as lotus leaf stain adhesion characteristics, adhesive will not be able to stand on its surface, spread, 304 stainless steel plate to achieve anti-fingerprint effect.

Adhesion can not be based on the surface, spread is an important factor to achieve anti-fingerprint. It is difficult to make the adhesive base and spread on the surface, which involves reducing the surface tension of the contact surface. Surface tension is a kind of molecular force, it is generated in the liquid and gas contact, produced between the edge of contact, is determined by the surface layer of liquid molecules in the special situation. Because of surface tension, the liquid surface tends to shrink as much as possible (the pressure around the liquid is the same and tends to the same point), so the droplets in the air tend to be spherical.

Stainless Steel Pipe Reducer

Stainless Steel Pipe Reducer

Simply put, the effect of surface tension is to make the surface of the liquid have a tendency to shrink, it has nothing to do with the properties of the liquid, and nothing to do with the size of the liquid. Surface tension can also be seen as the surface free energy, and can be approximated as the active state of the surface. The greater the surface tension is, the greater the surface energy is. It can also be considered that the more active the surface is, the easier it is to adhere to other objects.

Generally, the surface of organic matter and high polymer is of low energy, which is difficult to be adhered, and inorganic salts such as oxides are of high energy, which are easy to be adhered. To achieve anti-fingerprint is to reduce the surface tension of the surface by plating a layer of film, so that fingerprints, sweat, etc. are difficult to adhere to the surface.

Before painting the surface of stainless steel to be treated, such as oil removal, the use of alkaline cleaning agent or solvent to remove oil, water and other stains on the substrate surface, the best phosphating to enhance adhesion.

After painting, it can be cured at the appropriate temperature (the fingerprint resistant paint of different manufacturers may be different).

Another method is the sanding process, which essentially reduces the contact area of fingerprints.

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