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Precautions for construction of gas fire extinguishing high pressure pipe fittings(part 1)

Jun. 04, 2019

Gas fire extinguishing high-pressure pipe fitting construction precautions

High Pressure Pipe Fittings supplier shares that due to the professional fire extinguishing system and certain risks in the construction process, some safety accidents are likely to occur in the construction, and the following problems exist:

(1) wiring error of linkage control system in combination distribution system makes the starting device, selection valve and protection area not form proper correspondence. If the linkage starting line of the first protective zone is connected to the starting device of the second protective zone by mistake, the fire extinguishing agent will be sprayed into the second protective zone when the fire occurs in the first protective zone, and the fire extinguishing will fail.

(2) the linkage relation setting of the linkage control system is incorrect. If the air conditioning system in the protection zone cannot be linked to stop working in case of fire, the mechanical smoke exhaust facilities can be linked to start in case of fire. On the one hand, smoke will not easily gather, so that the detector can not detect fire in time; On the other hand, when extinguishing agent is put out, it will cause the loss of extinguishing agent, so that the concentration of extinguishing agent in the protection area cannot reach the concentration of extinguishing agent, leading to the failure of extinguishing. High pressure gas extinguishing pipe fitting

High Pressure Pipe Fittings supplier

(3) the opening of the gas fire-extinguishing protection area cannot be closed linkage before the spraying of fire-extinguishing agent, resulting in the loss of fire-extinguishing agent and reducing the fire-extinguishing effect of the system.

(4) in unattended rooms, the fire extinguishing system shall be set in manual working state. Once such fire occurs in such protective zone, the fire extinguishing system cannot be started in time.

(5) manual starting device has no protective measures, which is easy to be operated by people by mistake, resulting in system spray spraying by mistake. High pressure gas extinguishing pipe fitting

(6) the equipment and pipes in the system are not grounded according to the requirements of the specification, which may cause the system to misoperate under the action of lightning strike or static electricity.

(7) the envelope structure and doors and Windows of the protective area do not meet the requirement that the fire resistance limit should not be less than 0.5h, and the allowable pressure under internal pressure should not be less than 1200Pa, or the pressure relief port is not set according to the requirements of the design specification. Fire or fire extinguishing agent spraying prone to cause damage to the protective zone envelope and doors and Windows, resulting in the loss of fire extinguishing agent, fire extinguishing failure.

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