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How to prevent stainless steel pipe from rusting?

Jun. 01, 2019

How to prevent stainless steel pipe from rusting?

Custom Stainless Steel Pipe supplier shares that Stainless steel pipe fitting always giving the feeling that it will never rust, in fact, this idea is wrong. Stainless steel material will rust, but it is relatively stable, the process of rust is slow. Different environment will also affect the time of rusting. For example, frequent blows from sea wind and influence of gas will lead to rusting. Therefore, we need to avoid this situation.

1, it is best not to contact with other metals, because stainless steel pipe fittings will be foreign metal adhesion and rust, such as screws, although not serious at the beginning, but if the cloth plus neutral cleaning agent wipe will clearly see rust.

2, stainless steel pipe fittings rust may be affected by the environment, such as in coastal areas and other front by the wind blows, in order to avoid this situation, so the surface of the stainless steel pipe fittings can adhere to the cleaning liquid scrub.

3, in some factories or in the street traffic volume of the environment will make stainless steel pipe fittings rust, so in this environment needs to be cleaned regularly.

Under the pressure of environmental protection in order to avoid elimination, the production of stainless steel pipe fitting enterprises will increase the investment in environmental protection equipment.

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