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What is the function of high pressure alloy pipe fitting?

Jun. 15, 2019

What is the function of high pressure alloy pipe fitting?

What is the function of high pressure alloy pipe fitting? Special design Steel Pipe such as the high-pressure alloy pipe fittings as excellent heat pipeline compensator, sectors of the national economy in our country to promote the role for nearly half a century, as the economy high speed development steadily, and the metal expansion joint industry in our country is increasingly growing, many in the design, manufacturing backbone enterprises have entered the ranks of the world's advanced level. It should be pointed out that, on the whole, China's expansion festival industry is still relatively young, its design and manufacturing level is still in the primary stage of development, in recent years, the case of efficiency replacement increased greatly, resulting in many production and personal accidents, huge losses, which is worthy of serious concern.

In recent years, metal expansion joints have been widely used in petrochemical industry, light industrial machinery, metallurgy, power, cement, construction, shipping, urban district heating and other industries. With the continuous improvement of manufacturing level, the accidents caused by bellows failure are gradually reduced, while the failure frequency of bellows expansion joint structural parts increases.

Special design Steel Pipe

In recent years, a large number of cases of failure of expansion joints occur, and the proportion caused by design problems is increasing. This is mainly due to the implementation of manufacturing license in the country, and the manufacturing quality is standardized to a certain extent, but the design behavior is still in a laissez-faire situation.

With the development of electric power industry in our country, the demand of metal bellows compensator in electrical industry increases year by year.

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