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What are the technical characteristics of high pressure alloy elbow?

Jun. 13, 2019

What are the technical characteristics of high pressure alloy elbow

As a High Pressure Pipe Fittings supplier,today we would like to share the technical characteristics of high pressure alloy elbow for you.

High pressure alloy elbow process features:

The high pressure alloy elbow is the prominent weak link in the pipeline system. The reliability of the pipeline mainly depends on the working ability of the elbow. The working capacity of the elbow is related to its stress state. It is found by calculation and field measurement of the working stress of the pipe fitting that the arc point of the elbow is particularly sensitive to external load. The external load excluding internal pressure and dead weight is mainly the additional external load caused by thermal expansion of piping metal, piping vibration and abnormal working of support and hanger during the starting process of piping system. When the bending arc section is a butt welding joint, these changes in the external load will cause the welding joint in a complex stress state, seriously weaken the welding joint strength, reduce the working ability of the elbow, shorten the service life of the elbow. Therefore, from the design consideration, will butt welding elbow interface into straight section butt, that is, designed with straight section elbow, is conducive to welding butt, improve welding quality, improve the service life of elbow.

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