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What are the differences and advantages between seamless steel pipe and welded pipe?

Aug. 21, 2019

What are the differences and advantages between seamless steel pipe and welded pipe?

1. The Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe with raised inner bar on the inner surface and polypropylene plastic pipe are compounded by special process.

2. Steel-plastic composite pipe is hard and flexible. It is not easy to deform under extrusion and crash-resistant. High installation reliability, no aging in air and sunlight.

3. Weather and pressure resistance. Working temperature of hot water pipe: 0°C ~ 75°C, instantaneous temperature up to 95°C, working pressure ≤1.6MPa; Working temperature of cold water pipe: 0°C ~ 55C, working pressure ≤ 2.0mpa.

4. Strong heat preservation, high corrosion resistance. Suitable for dark or bright mounting.

5. Clean, non-toxic, safe and hygienic. All the performance indicators meet the requirements of the health standards of the ministry of health.

6. The inner wall is smooth, no rust, no scaling, than the same diameter of the metal pipe flow of 25%-30%. There is no loss of diameter at the connector.

7. Special process is adopted. The convex mesh pattern is processed on the inner wall of the steel pipe, which greatly increases the friction between the outer metal pipe and the inner plastic pipe.

The linear expansion coefficient of steel-plastic composite pipe is 2.5×(1/100000)/°C, and its service life is 5 times that of galvanized steel pipe.

Welded steel pipes

Welded steel pipes

8. Seamless steel pipe is easy and reliable installation, the tube is connected by quick installation connector, no need to cover the wire, convenient and fast.

Seamless steel pipe is now used in a wide range of fields, such as construction, transportation and so on, the reason why seamless steel pipe can be so much used, must have its own advantages and advantages of steel pipe. Compared to the kind of ordinary steel pipe used, seamless steel pipe adopts a series of high-tech manufacturing techniques, and then has the seamless steel pipe excellent quality.

Everyone is familiar with welded pipes. Today to introduce the difference between seamless steel pipe and Welded Steel Pipes in the end?

First of all: the main thing is that their molding process is different. Common steel pipes, such as water pipes, are usually welded by bending flat plates. This process is relatively simple and rough. A weld line can be found on the finished products after processing. While the seamless steel tube is generally the molten state of steel through the annular slit backlog out after stretching and other processing process molding, in this process there is no weld.

In the performance, seamless steel tube in the pressure capacity of the ordinary steel tube has a great improvement, so it is often used for high-voltage equipment. Such as hydraulic equipment pipeline connection. The welding seam of common steel pipe is the weak link, and the quality of welding seam is the main factor affecting its overall performance.

Therefore seamless steel tube is more and more recognized by people. We will meet you with better quality and more exquisite skills.