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Steel pipe installation and its precautions

Sep. 21, 2019

Steel pipe installation and its precautions shared by custom Stainless Steel Pipe supplier.

I. Construction preparation

(1) operating conditions

1. The surface of the pipeline trench is completed; Pipe well brick finished.

(2) material requirements

A variety of specifications and models of the pipeline complete.

(3) main machines and tools

Cutting machine, welding machine, polishing machine, electric hammer, etc

II. Quality requirements

The allowable deviation of vertically mounted riser is 3mm per meter, and the allowable deviation of more than 5m is not more than 8mm. A deviation of 1mm per meter is allowed for horizontally installed piping.

Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized Steel Pipe

III. Pipeline installation

1. Production and installation of pipeline support:

According to the drawing design, carry out the pipe positioning, and prefabricate the pipe bracket according to the site condition. Lower the cable from the 25th floor and fix the bracket.

2. Pipeline installation:

According to the design and the site of the material, and then use the grinder groove, groove Angle 60°~65°. Fix the processed pipe on the bracket with the gap between the two pipes from 1.5mm to 2.5mm, and then carry out welding.

Welding joints should not be bent, group alignment should not be wrong, welding positioning, generally 4 spot welding, after inspection and alignment, as far as possible to use free conversion method for welding.

Iv. Quality requirements

1. No branch pipe shall be welded at the weld, and no weld shall be found at the bend;

2. The welding joint is straight and full, with no burn through, cracks, obvious nodules, slag addition, pores and other defects on the surface of the welding joint.

3, welding wave uniform, pipe alignment dislocation deviation, should not exceed 20 % of tube wall thickness, and not more than 2mm.

V. Safety precautions

1. The shell of the welding machine must be well grounded, and the welding tongs and the welding wire must be well insulated;

2. Wear protective equipment when using welder.

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