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What is the use of seamless steel pipe?

Sep. 06, 2019

There are many ways to classify steel pipes. For example, according to whether there are seams, they can be divided into two types: seamed steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. Different types of steel pipes are widely used in industrial production and factory construction, and can be said to be one of the essential products. Different types of steel pipes have certain differences in performance, materials, specifications, etc. If you want to use different types of steel pipes, you must fully understand them and make good use of them. Among all the steel pipes of different materials, there is a steel pipe called alloy steel pipe. Alloy seamless steel pipe and seamless carbon steel pipe are all ones of seamless steel pipe, and their performance is much higher than that of ordinary seamless steel pipe.

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Seamless Steel Pipe

The seamless alloy steel pipe contains more Cr, and its high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are incomparable to other seamless steel pipes, so the alloy pipes are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, boiler and other industries.

The seamless alloy steel pipe has a long section of steel with a hollow section and no seams around it. Steel pipes have a hollow section and are used in large quantities as pipes for transporting fluids, such as pipes for transporting oil, natural gas, gas, water and certain solid materials. Compared with solid steel such as round steel, alloy seamless steel pipe has light weight when it has the same bending and torsional strength. It is an economical section steel and is widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil transportation, stair railing, Bicycle racks and steel scaffolding used in construction. The use of alloy seamless steel pipe to manufacture ring parts can improve the material utilization rate, simplify the manufacturing process, save materials and processing man-hours, such as rolling bearing rings, jack sleeves, etc., and have been widely used in steel pipes. Alloy seamless steel pipe is also an indispensable material for various conventional weapons, and barrels, barrels, etc. are all made of steel pipes. In addition, the circular section is subjected to a relatively uniform force when subjected to internal or external radial pressure. Therefore, most alloy seamless steel tubes are round tubes.

What is the use of seamless steel tubes? Let's take a look at the nine common seamless steel tubes!

1. Bearing steel pipe (YB/Z12-77): mainly used to manufacture rolling bearing rings.

2. Cold drawn precision welded pipe: mainly used for bicycle pipe material.

3. Hydraulic pillar pipe: mainly used to manufacture hydraulic props for coal mine wells, lifting pillars, hydraulic cylinder inner cylinders.

4. Seamless carbon steel pipe for ships (GB/T5312-1999): Mainly used for the manufacture of Class 1 and Class 2 pressure pipes for ships.

5. Cold rolled seamless profiled steel pipe (GB/T3094-1999): mainly used for the manufacture of general structural parts.

6. Seamless steel pipe for conveying fluid (GB/T8163-1999): mainly used for conveying pipes. For example: central air conditioning, cold storage, gas, fire engineering, etc.

7. Precision inner diameter seamless steel pipe for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders (GB/T8713-1988): mainly used for the manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and other pipe fittings with high internal and external surface roughness requirements and precise internal and external dimensions. For example: jacks, shock absorbers, motor casings, cylinders, injection molding machinery, etc.

8. Seamless steel pipe for structure (GB/T8162—1999): mainly used for general structure and mechanical structure.

9. Seamless steel pipe for low and medium pressure boilers (GB3087-1999): mainly suitable for superheated steam pipes of low and medium pressure boilers, boiling water pipes and other pipes subject to pressure and heat.